Magnetic manipulation rod dia. 40x8 mm until 350 °C

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Magnetic manipulation rod dia. 40x8 mm until 350 °C
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Data sheet

Type SmCo
Tearing force (N) 41
Temperature resistance 350 °C
Marking MMT 40x8 T
Weight (kg) 0.2
Magnetic force 5,800 Gs

Additional description

This type of rods is especially suitable for manipulation with sheetmetal slops. Due to the fact that it is replenished with a very strong magnet with big dimensions (the diameter is 40 mm), this handling rod may be used also in case of heavier objects. For handling objects with a high temperature the rods were fit with very resistant SmCo magnets. These magnets have almost comparable power as NdFeB magnets, but their temperature resistance is up to 350 ° C!

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