Pot magnet with a hook (small magnetic hook) diam. 32 N, black

Doprava nad 1000 Kč ZDARMA

Magnetic lens with a hook (small magnetic hook) diam. 32 N, black
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Data sheet

Type NdFeB - with hook
Tearing force 28
Tearing force (N) 280
Diameter D (mm) ? 32 mm
Weight (g) 53
Marking MC-H 32 N
Magnet temperature resistance 80 °C
Weight (lbs) 0.117




Additional description

  • The temperature resistance we specify only applies to the magnet itself, which is included in the product. If the product features any painted finish, it may not withstand the specified temperature. If the temperature is exceeded, the magnet will gradually demagnetise.

Small, but handy. This magnetic hook 32 mm in diameter has a strength of 28 kg, so it can carry a lot. It can be snapped onto a refrigerator, metal door frame, kitchen rail, workshop rack, or the metal structure of a trade fair booth. You can hang anything you need from it without any gluing and drilling.

Key Properties

• Magnetic hook with a diameter of 32 mm

• Suitable for hanging fixtures, tools, dishes, or information boards

• Tear-off force 28 kg/280 N

• Easy to use

• Weighs only 53 g

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